9. Sep. 2019OA Dr. Maximilian Hochmair

WCLC 2019: Zusätzliche Immuntherapie beim Kleinzeller ist Standard

Für OA Dr. Maximilian Hochmair, Leiter der pneumo-onkologischen Ambulanz und Tagesklinik, Krankenhaus Nord, Wien, brachte die World Conference on Lung Cancer viele neue Puzzlesteine, darunter Durvalumab als weitere Option beim kleinzelligen Lungenkarzinom.

Abstracts, die im Video diskutiert werden:

  • PL02.02 – Lung Cancer Screenee Selection by USPSTF Versus PLCOm2012 Criteria – Interim ILST Findings
    Stephen Lam
  • PL02.04 – Blood MicroRNA and LDCT Reduce Unnecessary LDCT Repeats in Lung Cancer Screening: Results of Prospective BioMILD Trial
    Ugo Pastorino
  • PL02.06 – In Hospital Clinical Efficacy, Safety and Oncologic Outcomes from VIOLET: A UK Multi-Centre RCT of VATS Versus Open Lobectomy for Lung Cancer
    Eric Lim
  • PL02.11 – Overall Survival with Durvalumab Plus Etoposide-Platinum in First-Line Extensive-Stage SCLC: Results from the CASPIAN Study
    Luis Paz-Ares
  • OA14.06 – Hyperprogressive Disease in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
    Lo Russo Guiseppe
  • P1.01-118 Overall Survival In Pts With Egfrm+ Nsclc Receiving Sequential Afatinib And Osimertinib: Updated Analysis Of The GIOTAG Study
    M.J. Hochmair

2019 World Conference on Lung Cancer hosted by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, Barcelona, 7.-10.9.19