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Clinical analysis of 26 patients with histologically proven placental chorioangiomas.

<h3>Abstract</h3><div><h4>OBJECTIVES: </h4><p><abstracttext nlmcategory=”OBJECTIVE” label=”OBJECTIVES”>The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical characteristics, imaging features, pregnancy complications, prenatal management of patients with placenta chorioangioma.</abstracttext></p><h4>METHODS: </h4><p><abstracttext nlmcategory=”METHODS” label=”METHODS”>This was a retrospective study of 26 cases with histologically proven placenta chorioangima, in which the natural history, pregnancy complications, and clinical characteristics including ultrasonography were evaluated.</abstracttext></p><h4>RESULTS: </h4><p><abstracttext nlmcategory=”RESULTS” label=”RESULTS”>Twelve of the twenty-six cases had a wide range of maternal-fetal complications including polyhydramnios (7), fetal growth restriction (3), fetal distress (2), pre-eclampsia (3), fetal anemia-thrombocytopenia (2), congestive heart failure (1) and fetal abnormality (1).</abstracttext></p><h4>CONCLUSIONS: </h4><p><abstracttext nlmcategory=”CONCLUSIONS” label=”CONCLUSIONS”>Placenta chorioangioma was associated with series of pregnancy complications such as polyhytramnios, premature delivery, maternal pre-eclampsia, fetal growth restriction, fetal distress, even fetal anemia and cardiomegaly. With regular prenatal examination, necessary treatment, and timely delivery, the majority had a good pregnancy outcome.</abstracttext></p><p>Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.</p></div>

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